Made in USA RH Flag 3" x 4" Vinyl Sticker by Sticker Armory

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Why is the flag backwards? It is actually called 'reversed'. Flags with the union facing forward (which it always should) moves forward. This notion is called 'fighting forward'. T he standard that we see everyday, sits correctly on a left arm or driver's side of a car. This RIGHT handed flag is properly affixed on a right shoulder or passenger's side of the vehicle. Next time you're out and about look on the right shoulder of our military personnel, passenger side of a police vehicle or even Jet plane. You will notice a RIGHT handed American flag. If not, they do not have it on correctly!

- Right Handed Sticker
- High quality
- Durable 6+ year vinyl
- Screenprinted Vinyl stickers.
- Proudly made in USA.
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  • Model: SASRWBRH 3X4

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