Made in USA RH Flag 12" x 18" Vinyl Sticker


Why is the flag backwards? It is actually called 'reversed'. Flags with the union facing forward (which it always should) moves forward. This notion is called 'fighting forward' always. The standard that we see everyday, sits correctly on a left arm or driver's side of a car. This RIGHT handed flag is propperly affixed on a right shoulder or passenger's side of the vehicle. Next time you're out and about, look on the right shoulder of our military personnel, passenger side of a police vehicle or even Jet plane. You will notice a RIGHT handed American flag. If not, they do not have it on correctly!

- Left Handed Sticker
- High quality
- Durable 6+ year vinyl
- Screenprinted Vinyl stickers.
- Proudly made in USA.
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  • Model: SASRWBRH 12X18

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